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The ICR Academy programme is designed for Primary 1 to 6 students to build a strong foundation in English and achieve academic success as they progress through Primary School and beyond.

Lower Primary Curriculum

ICR Academy’s Lower Primary curriculum is designed for students to build a strong foundation in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through clear instruction, guided practice, independent application, and continuous evaluation, students focus on all 4 essential skills. The exercises and activities stimulate their creativity while preparing them for exams.


  • Apply metalanguage skills by diagramming sentences
  • Expand on vocabulary with Vocabulary Cloze exercises
  • Learn to use words for appropriate contexts, settings and purposes
  • Use words and grammatical structures that support the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills


  • Develop writing readiness in order to write accurately and fluently
  • Use information organisation techniques to structure writing
  • Learn about different types of writing including fiction and non-fiction
  • Enhance writing creativity with strategies to construct interesting characters and conflicts
Critical - PSLE-1


  • Study literary classics to gain an understanding of and appreciation for literature
  • Read for understanding by examining literal and inferential meanings
  • Apply higher-order thinking, judgement and evaluation to text
  • Answer MCQ, Open-Ended and Sequential questions with clear techniques



  • Develop presentation skills with tips on public speaking
  • Utilise higher-order thinking skills to give insightful responses
  • Create focused and clear written text for oral presentations
  • Gain confidence when speaking in front of an audience
Critical - PSLE-1


  • Put test-taking skills into practise
  • Use knowledge of grammar to edit and revise
  • Evaluate progress and set goals

Upper Primary Curriculum

ICR Academy’s Upper Primary Curriculum is designed to set students up for exam success. They develop critical thinking, participate in mock exams and learn and apply a variety of techniques for creating structured compositions. These techniques and exercises will prove essential as they undertake the PSLE and continue their academic careers.


  • Learn advanced grammatical structures and use them for more varied sentences
  • Expand vocabulary with practical exercises that replicate exam questions
  • Practise grammar-based exercises that will appear on school exams
  • Proofread and revise work by following simple, effective self-correction techniques


  • Use structuring techniques to organise ideas
  • Plan coherent, cohesive compositions
  • Practise a wide array of different writing prompts
  • Analyse questions to get to the root of their meanings
Critical - PSLE-1


  • Understand implied meaning and learn how to evaluate a text
  • Know how contextual use of lexical and grammatical items shape meaning
  • Correctly use grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Examine and analyse texts to gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding


  • Inculcate interest in the English language through unique texts
  • Create and convey personal opinions and thoughts clearly and effectively
  • Engage in higher-order thinking and ensure coherence in thinking processes
Critical - PSLE-1


  • Put test-taking skills into practise
  • Review and consolidate learning progress
  • Identify and rectify any foundational issues
ICR Academy - Opt for In Class Learning

Opt for In-Class Learning

A learning experience that is academic and social

From sharing and cooperating with others to appreciating instructions within a classroom, we aim to give students the tools needed to develop strong social and oral communication skills.

Opt for Web Class Learning

An online option to learning in the comfort of your home

I Can Read’s Web Class platform enables teachers and students to join a live, virtual classroom and learn in a collaborative environment. By making online learning personal and engaging, the platform empowers teachers and students.

  • Interactive blackboards encourage students to participate, collaborate and learn.
  • Video conferencing tools allow teachers to interact with students through songs, videos and built-in games.
  • Each lesson is filled with fun and engaging activities that allows your child to learn from the comfort of home.


"I started off with my elder son, Alphaeus, at I Can Read from Pre-Reading Level 1, 6 years ago. It was such an exciting and continuous learning journey with I Can Read through these years. Now that he is in Primary 3, he is still enjoying the weekly lesson with the teachers at ICR.Through these years of programme, Alphaeus has developed a strong foundation in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. He is now able to articulate with confidence and speak eloquently in public. The ICR Curriculum has helped Alphaeus evolved and built a strong foundation in his future education activities.Watching how his confidence grew and the tremendous progress he has made over the years, I am glad that I have made the right choice."
Mummy of Alphaeus
“As Thomas comes from a Chinese speaking family, we were struggling to find a suitable training program for him. In K2, we transferred Thomas to I Can Read when we found that it had a more vivid and suitable curriculum. After sometime, we could see Thomas making great progress in reading English stories. We appreciate the help I Can Read rendered to teaching Thomas basic phonology, spelling and comprehension. ”
Zhu Haifeng - Dad of Thomas Zhu


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